Long story short, CrossFit trains the body to do more work in less time. Everyone comes in with a different ability level, and our job as your coach is to find the appropriate level of intensity for you to stay safe, have fun, and ultimately, produce the best results.

Is CrossFit for Me?

If you are someone who:

  • Is looking to get in shape but doesn’t like globo-gyms
  • Has lost interest in your gym routine
  • Thinks you don’t have time to exercise
  • Is looking to get stronger or more healthy
  • Is no longer seeing results with your current training regime
  • Just plain wants to look good in a bathing suit

If Yes, then contact us today to schedule a Free Intro!

CrossFit Class Membership

Currently, membership at CFBN requires individuals to pay a flat monthly rate at 3-month or 12-month commitments. The Special Group qualification is for First Responders (Police/Fire/Military) and family members currently living in the same household. The Student Rate is for current high school and college students under the age of 25.

Standard Membership

3-Month Unlimited12-Month Unlimited
$164.99 / mo.$154.99 / mo.

Special Group (Police/Fire/Military/Family)

3-Month Unlimited12-Month Unlimited
$144.99 / mo.$134.99 / mo.

Full Time Student (High School/College)

$99.00 / mo.

​First class FREE for all newcomers!